Oniria Miniatures Go Wild West With 32mm Cowboys

October 28, 2013 by brennon

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Oniria Miniatures have got a whole new selection of miniatures for you in the shape of their Let's Go Cowboys. See what you think of these gunslingers looking for a quick buck.

Painted Cowboys

Unpainted Cowboys

These are some pretty good looking gringo cowboys and I have recently been very interested in Legends of the Old West so the prospect of some cowboy miniatures is only spurring me on. Admittedly the scale of these chaps might be a bit above the norm for that game but they do look pretty darn good.

Cowboys Scale

I seem to have a big thing about both Cowboys and Pirate right now (I think Assassins Creed IV has something to do with that second itch) and it's also a really good thing to see some nice characterful miniatures from smaller companies too. It gets me nice and excited!

I have to agree with the blurb on the website when they say that they have managed to capture the swagger of these possible outlaws. Well worth a look in I'd say.

What do you think of this posse?

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