Pike & Shotte Readies The Light Guns Alongside An Irish Hero

October 12, 2012 by brennon

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Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games is getting some new kits and they take the form of some fairly powerful Light Guns and an Irish Hero to lead your forces from the Emerald Isle into battle!

Pike & Shotte Light Gun

First up are the Light Guns. These were more numerable than their larger cousins for obvious reasons. The Light Gun could be moved around the battlefield allowing the general to make use of it as a reactive force. Larger guns were largely immobile once set up, so relying on these Light Guns became an important part of warfare.

The shot from these guns would be used to scare infantry, even frightening away greener recruits. Up close though it was deadly, being loaded with an early form of grape shot to shred advancing forces.

Irish HeroWarlord have also released this Irish Hero to lead your forces into battle. As they say in the article, this champion from the clans would be a perfect howling behemoth to put before the enemy and watch them falter. It already looks like he has seen a fair few battles and is likely to see a few more.

Will you be picking these up for Pike & Shotte?

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