Sally 4th Defend a Keep of Warmaster Scale

October 23, 2013 by dracs

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Anyone else remember Games Workshop's epic 10mm scale game of Warmaster? Well those of you who do will be happy as Sally 4th have a new small scale keep to wage war upon.

Sally 4th 10mm Keep

Sally 4th 10mm Keep Fortified

Being 10mm scale this terrain set is of course perfectly suited for games of Warmaster, but it could easily suit other historical game settings as well.

Sieges are among the most fun games to play as they provide both players with new tactics and challenges to face and overcome.

Sally 4th 10mm Keep No Roof

Sally 4th 10mm Keep Close

While there aren't all that many 10mm scale games out there this is still a fairly nice terrain piece, providing you with a good objective to defend and capture as well as a nice centre piece for the tabletop.

Do you guys know of any other 10mm games this could be used in?

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