Blighted Ogrun Take Command Of The Legion In Hordes

May 7, 2018 by brennon

We'd seen some more of the Blighted creatures coming to life for Privateer Press' Hordes over the last few months and they have now popped up in the store for fans of Legion Of Everblight. The Ogrun are out in force and they're looking kinda awesome.

Ammok, The Truthbearer

"Speaking in the tongue of a mad seer, the Truthbearer prophesies destruction for the enemies of Everblight. His burden oozes a miasma of blighted energies that corrupts all that it touches. Graven with runes whose true purpose was lost with the fall of the Black Kingdom of Morrdh, this is the Malihedron. Ammok’s madness shields him from its power, and he chants deranged prayers as he marches into battle holding it aloft."

This fellow, Ammok, The Truthbearer, is looking awesome indeed. I wonder if you could actually try and sculpt the miasma and darkness oozing forth from the model onto the tabletop?

Next up we have a rather horrible sounding individual in Gorag Rotteneye.

Gorag Rotteneye - Hordes

"When he first received the blight, Gorag suffered a ceaseless blinding pain in his right eye. After three days of agony, he gouged out his own eye in a rage, leaving a bloody wound that would never heal. His transformation bestowed a different gift to compensate—the gaping socket now emits a wicked, blighted radiance. All who fall under his withering gaze become enervated, as blighted energies radiate through their bodies."

As much of a seer and a dark prophet as he is a warrior, this fellow seems like a neat addition to the mix. It's been very cool seeing how they have managed to expand on what 'Legion' is and add/develop some of the various units to work within the themed lists.

Next up we have Anamag, The Doom Feaster.

Anamag, The Doom Feaster - Hordes

"The bloated, putrescent warlock called the Doom Feaster is a scourge upon western Immoren. Once an elder of the Stonemark clan of ogrun in the Bitewind Peaks, Anamag changed with the coming of Thagrosh. When she was touched with blight, it filled her with insatiable hunger, making grotesque that which once drew her to Dhunia.

Her sons and daughters became warmongers who slaughtered and died in Everblight’s name. When Everblight saw fit to forge Anamag into a warlock, she became the Doom Feaster, and each body she devours magnifies her arcane prowess."

I think this is the one model from the set that I'm not entirely sold on. I think that the head seems very small indeed and the body proportions just don't work for me. I know she's meant to be a rather big lady, but it all feels like a bit of a 'blob' as a model which is a shame. Of course, I'm no sculptor but this one just doesn't work for me.

Carrion Birds

Last but not least we have another two monstrous pieces for you to snap up like the Blighted Rotwings.

Blighted Rotwings - Hordes

"Flocks of scavengers called rotwings follow the bloody trail of the blighted ogrun, subsisting on the carnage they leave behind. Rotwings ingest large amounts of blighted flesh from fallen dragonspawn and ogrun, causing the birds themselves to become blighted. Their powerful beaks easily rip flesh and muscle from carcasses and can crack open skull and bones to reach brain matter and marrow."

I think I'd like to see these up close. Probably not in the game world of Hordes, but as miniatures for sure. I like the warped and broken look to their bodies and the more reptilian style to their appearance, speaking to the prehistoric ancestry of birds as a whole. Plenty of blood is in order.

We also have Golab...

Golab - Hordes

"With a gargled shriek, the unclean beast Golab dives from the heavens to feast on the flesh of the dead and the dying. A favoured pet of the ogrun seer Anamag, Golab is a terror to behold in battle. It shreds prey apart with its talons before feasting upon its prey’s open wounds with its oversized beak. Blighted energy permeates the beast, sickening nearby foes and withering any restorative magics in its vicinity."

This wild creature is just...well, crazy! I'm not what I make of it, but as an evolution of the smaller Rotwings I think it looks awesome. You could have some fun painting this up although I'd go for less of a stark contrast between the white feathers on the breast.

Late May will bring these models to the tabletop so watch this space...

What do you think of the new models?

"I wonder if you could actually try and sculpt the miasma and darkness oozing forth from the model onto the tabletop?"

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