Dominar Morghoul Gets Escorted To The Hordes Battlefield

May 15, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press released another Skorne model that we might have missed last week! Here we have Dominar Morghoul & Escort for the world of Hordes, available right now for you to snap up.

Dominar Morghoul & Escorts

"After a lifetime spent bloodying his hands on behalf of others, Morghoul has emerged from the world of shadows to command a house like no other—the paingivers.

In battle, Dominar Morghoul is attended by two paingiver escorts who aid him in crippling his foes so that his blade may find purchase, and he empowers his army with mortitheurgical might so that they may shift like the sands of the desert to swiftly fell their foes."

What a pleasant fellow to be fighting alongside. I quite like the design of the sword that Morghoul has at his side, it's properly over the top Fantasy one which is always welcome. Match that with his almost Mortal Kombat-esque bodyguards and you've got a snazzy looking set.

In this case, the red and gold works really well on the models but it would be interesting seeing them done in an alternative scheme, maybe with black and green?

What do you think?

"Match that with his almost Mortal Kombat-esque bodyguards and you've got a snazzy looking set..."

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