An Extremely Angry Titan Gladiator Smashes Its Way Into Hordes

March 13, 2015 by brennon

Keeping up with the updates for Hordes from Privateer Press we have a big Extreme sculpt from them in the way of the new Titan Gladiator for Skorne. If you want to get the real 'full on' theme of Warmahordes powering through your veins then these are the sculpts to check out...

Extreme Titan Gladiator

The Extreme versions of the Warjacks and Warbeasts of both Hordes and Warmachine are larger in scale and feature a more dynamic and action packed pose, as if they're in the midst of battle. I'm not normally a fan of anything Skorne have in their repetoire but this isn't too bad. I think the epic nature helps with the rather odd and funky looking armour - and the cheesy smile.

Forces of Distinction

As well as the Extreme sculpt the folks at Privateer Press have bought together this No Quarter collection for Forces of Distinction which allows you to make up more interesting and exciting themed forces for your tabletop battles. I love this side of Warmahordes and it's one that I think building towards can be very rewarding for a collector.

With the way in which the story progresses in Warmahordes you have the opportunity to take a Warcaster or Warlock from his or her most basic themed list all the way up to something epic.

Do you run a themed force?

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