Fyanna The Lash Strikes Out At The World Of Hordes

March 15, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press have some nice additions coming in the near future and one of them is for the world of Hordes. See what you think of the Legion of Everblight's solo, Fyanna the Lash...

Fyanna the Lash

"The nimble Fyanna is a blur of motion as she stalks her prey. She is one with the shadows and is rarely seen before she strikes. Her barbed lash flashes from surprising distance to topple and toss her hapless victims before she springs away, safe from retaliation and already preparing for her next victim."

Not a bad model at all and I quite like the feel of the model although I might have had her leaning back a little bit, or maybe even side on, as if she is winding up for a slash with that whip/lash of hers, just to add an edge of dynamism to it all.

I think adding a bit more expression to her face also could have helped with that, but, at least it isn't an impossible model like some of the current ones we've been seeing for Stryker!

Will you be adding her to your line-up?

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