Hordes Gets New Wild Miniatures & Cheeky Gremlin Swarms

April 10, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press have previewed three new sets coming your way for Hordes very soon. Not only do they have a model that looks like it's out of Star Wars with the Efaarit Scout but also a unit of Croak Raiders and a Gremlin Swarm to cause some havoc...

Scouting Ahead

First up is said Efaarit Scout who which features two riders sat atop a bletcher as they power through the desert ready for the hunt...

Efaarit Scout

"Tribal nomads native to the Bloodstone Desert, the efaarit are a hardy race of talented survivalists. Atop their belligerent bletcher mounts, efaarit scout teams cross even the most punishing terrain to outflank an enemy. Precise fire from their powerful hunting rifles can bring down even massive warbeasts, as these scouts target joints and gaps in their adversaries’ armor with prodigious accuracy."

I think this is a pretty neat model even though to begin with I thought the head was a bit weird for the bletcher. Now I take a closer look though I think this is a really awesome model that builds on the Minions as a whole.

Cheeky & Croaky

As well as the desert-striding Efaarit we have the addition of Croak Raiders and Gremlin Swams to the list of upcoming miniatures each with their own version of 'charm'...

Croak Raiders

"Coordinated groups of skilled warriors, croak raiders employ a powerful two-pronged attack. Working in pairs, one raider lobs hollowed gourds to soak an enemy with a highly flammable liquid, and then another launches a flaming projectile from an atlatl to ignite the enemy in a pyre of flame. This devastating combination has allowed them to eradicate even more numerous and technologically advanced foes."

Gremlin Swarm

"Mischievous and malicious in the extreme, gremlins delight in rooting around in mechanikal constructs with the intent of causing as much damage as possible for their own amusement. These mysterious grymkin are attracted to the hiss and clank of warjacks on the battlefield and have been known to bring mechanized weaponry grinding to a halt at the most inopportune times."

I certainly like the new unit in the Croak Raiders and while once again we get a lot of duplicated sculpts I think these are going to be a fun unit to see on the tabletop bringing something different to the mix. That's one of the great things about Hordes in my opinion, the variety of models you can bring to the table!

The Gremlin Swarm looks more like a little diorama than a unit but I love the idea that there are these little horrors that run around the battlefield tearing the insides out of downed Warjacks for their masters.

What do you think?

"That's one of the great things about Hordes in my opinion, the variety of models you can bring to the table!"

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