Check Out Iron Kingdoms Unleashed’s Map Tiles!

December 20, 2014 by brennon

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Another Friday and another look at the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit from Privateer Press for their role-playing game. This time around the focus is on the tiles and tokens that you get inside the box allowing enterprising games masters to make some cool locations to fight in...




The first thing to note is that you get a selection of basic board for you to play around with in the boxed set. You get nine double-sided map tiles and 28 double-sided map tokens which give you oodles of options. The tiles have been specifically tailored to help you with the scenario present in the boxed game but that doesn't mean you can't reuse it for something cool later on.

Set Up #1

Set Up #2

You can see some of the ways to assemble the game boards above but there's no real end to your creativity, well, at least until you've finished with these kind of areas. It would be interesting to see if Privateer Press did any kind of booster packs for this kind of thing in the future giving Iron Kingdoms RPG fans a way of making more interesting boards.

It might be cool to see someone layer out a board with these as a starter too and then add some 3D buildings and such if they saw fit.

Are you still excited about more from Unleashed?

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