The Northkin Raiders Themed Force Pops Up For Privateer’s Hordes

September 29, 2017 by brennon

Many of these miniatures you may have seen before in renders and sneaky peeks but we're finally able to see all of the newly painted Trollblood models for Hordes on the Privateer Press website.

Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North

Leading the way we have Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North who is one mean looking fellow. I love the design of the model with the stance ready to welcome all-comers to the embrace of his axes. The armour is also looking fantastic and really draws on that Nordic and Celtic design that the Trollbloods are known for.

Following him into battle we also have the Northkin Elder.

Northkin Elder

"Among the Northkin leadership are their revered elders, many of whom are also powerful mystics, either shamans or sorcerers who can lend the cold of the north to the power already contained in krielstones to strengthen their allies.

The winds they summon can speed an army into the fray or lend bite to the winter magics of other mystics."

Once again, a fantastic looking miniature that is in the midst of doing something epic. This is what you want when it comes to miniatures for the tabletop considering all the battling we do!

Northkin Troops

Banded together by these characters we have some Northkin Raiders...

Northkin Raiders

...and the Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears for when you need a little extra punch in your attack on the enemy lines.

Northkin Bear Handlers & Battle Bears

As I've said before, and you can probably see my bias showing, these Trollbloods are looking fantastic. I think the Trollbloods are akin to Orks in Warhammer 40,000 where they skirt the line between slightly comical and incredibly ferocious and characterful - it's a good mix.

Themed Force

Most of these models can then be drawn together into a proper Themed Force for the Northkin.

Trollblood Northkin Theme Force

"Out of the blizzards of the frozen north march the Northkin, a mighty alliance of resolute trollkin warriors. The Northkin rush to battle with axes in hand, the blood of trolls in their veins, and frost-rimed winter trolls at their side and any who face them must confront the fury of the winter storm.

Northkin shamans command the bone-chilling power of their homelands, and their warbeasts freeze the enemy in place before shattering them with their weapons."

When it comes to building this into a proper army you can then combine this with the Starter Box for the Trollbloods taking things to thirty-five points.

Will you be picking these fellows up?

" can then combine this with the Starter Box for the Trollbloods taking things to thirty-five points"

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