Orboros Fights For Mighty Brennos The Elder In Hordes Preview!

February 4, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press are continuing with the releases for Hordes in the future with a preview of the new boxed sets for the Wolves and Reeves of Orboros in plastic and the ancient Brennos the Elder who will be leading them...

Brennos the Elderhorn

"An ancient and wizened satyr grown grey and stooped by the weight of almost three centuries, Brennos the Elderhorn commands primordial magic, harnessing the eldritch natural forces of raw elemental power. For decades Brennos has been Morvahna’s most reliable sentinel. Though his youthful vigor is a fading memory, he continues to leave the bodies of those who oppose his mistress twisted and broken on the battlefield."

Kicking things off Brennos is an awesome model from the waist up although I don't really like the bottom of the robes which don't appear to flow as well as I think they should. Otherwise it's quite the cool looking sculpt and something new and interesting for Orboros!

Wolves of Orboros

Reeves of Orboros

"Drawn from settlements on the fringes of the wilderness, the Wolves of Orboros willingly offer their strength of arms to the Circle. Every Wolf is an accomplished fighter as well as a master woodsman, trained to wield a heavy cleft-bladed spear with fluid mastery. Those with the aptitude to become reeves prefer the double crossbow, with which they can find deadly angles of attack in even the densest brush."

As well as Brennos there's the addition of the new Wolves and Reeves of Orboros that are now coming out in plastic. These are new sculpts and will replace the old box towards the beginning of May. I'm a big fan of anything Orboros and even though they're not my faction I love the way they look. A big thumbs up from me for these wild men and women.

What will you be getting for Orboros?

"As well as Brennos there’s the addition of the new Wolves and Reeves of Orboros that are now coming out in plastic"

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