Infinity 3rd Edition 300 Point Battle Report Part 1

October 17, 2014 by crew

We've been bringing you guys and gals videos all week about rule changes in Infinity 3rd Edition and now it's time to see some action!

In this 300 point Battle Report Carlos from Corvus Belli takes on our very own Killian in a mission that escalates into a fight to the death.

Infinity 3rd Edition 300 Point Battle Report Part 1

Carlos is rocking a 300 point Nomads army while Killian is taking to the field with the PanO;  again a 300 point army.

Incidentally the armies you see here are a match for the armies you could be fielding if you win our 55K Facebook Likes Challenge (Click Here for Details).

Also if you like the look of the District 5 Gaming Mat it's from Micro Art Studio and the Silhouette Templates are from another cool terrain company called Warsenal.

Remember to comment for your chance to WIN 4 expansion packs. Enjoy the show and make sure you watch Part 2!

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