The Agema Marksmen Gets Ready For Some Infinity Sniping

June 23, 2014 by brennon

The Data Sphere got a look at the awesome Agema Marksman for Infinity and he's quite the cool looking stealthy sniper. See what you think of him below with his MULTI Sniper Rifle...

Agêma Marksman with MULTI Sniper Rifle

Agêma Marksman with MULTI Sniper Rifle on Helipad

Very cool and I imagine he will be laying down a lot of supporting fire for your other ALEPH troops as they head towards their objectives. Not only do we have the sniper but the guys behind Infinity have also started teasing the cover art for Operation: Icestorm and here is how far it's got right now.

Operation - Icestorm Cover

They've unlocked a few of the background characters as it stands but there are of course those two prime characters in the centre and two more at the sides to go. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more of this art and of course at Beasts of War for more news on what it's all about!

What do you think of that sniper?

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