Corvus Belli Announce Fantastic Plastic For Infinity

July 29, 2021 by avernos

Corvus Belli has always produced stunning metal miniatures for Infinity but today they have blind-sided everyone with a startling announcement of a new range of plastic miniatures for their hard sci-fi universe.


Vostok Sputnik // Infinity

Corvus Belli has been working with the Sio-Cast Thermoplastic injection moulding for several months now dialling in the process until they were happy that they could replicate the exacting standards they have for quality and detail from the metal versions in the new material and have reached a stage where they are happy with the results.

The manufacturing system is identical to that of metal in the cutting, 3D printing, moulds and filing processes, the only thing that changes is that the plastic is injected into the mould while the metal is centrifuged, and with the rising costs of metals they have decided to push ahead and use this for larger models from September rather than be in a position which would require another price rise this year.

Can You Tell the Difference // Corvus Belli Infinity

Some Corvus Belli miniatures from the next launch and some game accessories will be manufactured in this new material, in this way the production of the game will continue to be viable while maintaining its quality intact. But fear not metalheads as Plastic and metal will coexist in our gaming tables, each offering the best in terms of quality and price.

A list of what you can expect to see in Sio-Cast injected thermoplastic from Corvus Belli includes

  • Vostok Sputniks (included in Beyond Operation Crimson Stone), new for September.
  • Jackbots (included in ITS Season 13 Tournament Pack and AGL Tournament Pack - Fiddler Edition).
  • 25mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series, October New.
  • Nomads Remotes Pack, new for November.
  • Polaris Bearpode (included in the Ariadna Beast Pack), new for November.
  • 40mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series, November New.
  • 55mm Scenery Bases, Alpha Series, November New.

It will be fascinating to see how this goes, especially with the Infinity Community being so long accustomed to using metal only for the models. If CB can maintain the quality of their ranges in plastic then I can see this becoming accepted quickly, Tags and larger models on the horizon will soon prove very costly with the rising material costs, so this also helps people who are just getting into Infinity with pricing.

If you want to know more you can check out the full announcement on their blog here.

What do you make of the switch to plastic?

"...they were happy that they could replicate the exacting standards they have for quality and detail from the metal versions in the new material"

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