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An Easy Way To Light Up Your Tabletop Terrain?! + Spring Clean Challenge Winners! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're looking at an easy way to light up your tabletop terrain that we can't believe we didn't think of before! Check out the awesome Sci-Fi terrain up on Kickstarter!

Corvus Belli Announce Durgama Takeover Infinity Online Campaign


Carlos from Corvus Belli has dropped the announcement that soon, you're going to be able to dive in and take part in a brand new Infinity Online Campaign (hosted on OTT's Warconsole!). Durgama Takeover is coming soon (runs between 11th July - 25th July) and sees the Combined looking to kick ass and take names.

Wolfgang Amadeus Slashes Out A Bloody Tune For Infinity In July


New releases are firing up for the 28mm Sci-Fi world of Infinity from Corvus Belli for July. Ariadna, Yu Jing and PanOceania get themselves some new characters and specialist troops to use during your battles on the tabletop.

Meet The Hegemony Of Embersig & A Wizard Of Warcrow!


The world of Warcrow expands even more with another preview from Corvus Belli as part of the Whispers Of Lindwurm. This time around, our intrepid traveller Hoopoe visits The Hegemony Of Embersig and meets one of their powerful wizards.

Learn Of The Scions Of Yaldabaoth In Warcrow Adventures!


The latest of the Whispers Of Lindwurm videos from the folks at Corvus Belli and Hoopoe talks about the coming of The Scions Of Yaldabaoth and The Marked in Warcrow!

See What’s New For Corvus Belli’s Infinity In June 2022!


Corvus Belli has been showcasing the new releases coming to the Sci-Fi world of Infinity in June 2022. Five factions are getting something new to play around with including some rather ace models for the Combined and the ALEPH.

First Warcrow Mini Announced – Fantasy Dwarves Incoming!


The first miniature has been showcased over on Corvus Belli's Facebook, highlighting the first model to join Warcrow.

EP78 Video Edition: The full crew is back


Battle Kiwi Camp Foxtrot Firebases Unboxing


Warcrow: Whispers Of Lindwurm Talks Fantasy Nations & Magic


Following on from the first episode of Whispers Of Lindwurm, Hoopoe from Corvus Belli is here with a brand new video looking at the magic from the world of Warcrow (their new Fantasy universe) and also the nations you'll be able to play as.

Unboxing: Infinity Nomads Zonds Remote Pack


Boosters & Collection Packs Come To Infinity In May 2022


Corvus Belli has fired up their Infinity previews for May 2022 and we're getting a whole bunch of new collection options for newcomers and some smaller packs too. We start with the new Collection Packs for O-12 and the Combined. 

GT EP77 Video Edition: Bruce’s Second Solo Night


Corvus Belli Start Teasing Warcrow Info With Whispers Of Lindwurm!


Corvus Belli has begun teasing more information about their upcoming Fantasy universe of Warcrow. Hoopoe, a new brand ambassador for Corvus Belli, has started her series called Whispers Of Lindwurm which starts to delve into the background of the world and more.

Corvus Belli Sneak In More Shadowy Teasers For Warcrow


Warcrow was announced by Corvus Belli recently and so now we're starting to see more teasers popping up for the game. This isn't the biggest teaser but it offers up a little sneaky peek at what's coming.

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Trailer: Tune in April 1st


[Studio Update] AdeptiCon 2022 Corvus Belli Seminar


Come and dive into one more video from Corvus Belli to cap off Infinity Raveneye Week. Here, Carlos goes through a big update on everything new for Infinity AND beyond.

Corvus Belli Announces New Fantasy Game Series – Warcrow!


Today, Corvus Belli released a teaser trailer showing players a little sneak peak to what to expect from the classic fantasy world.  Are you ready for Warcrow?

Morat Aggression Forces VS Military Orders Corvus Belli Demo Game | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Another video for you this week, this time from Corvus Belli. Here we have their Infinity Demo Game showcasing a clash between the Morat Aggression Forces and the PanOceania Military Orders. A great way to give you another look at the new releases from Raveneye Week.

Where Next & What To Buy? Morat Aggression Forces – Battlebox & Beyond | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Want to know what to buy next and where to go with your Morat Aggression Forces? Watch our Infinity Raveneye Week breakdown as part of this Battlebox & Beyond video.

NEW Morat Aggression Forces VS PanO Military Orders Battle Report | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


A brand new Infinity Battle Report featuring Corvus Belli's Carlos going up against Killian. The NEW Morat Aggression Force goes up against the PanO Military Orders in this Raveneye Week clash. 

Rules Update! How Do I Make An N4 Fireteam For Infinity? | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


In this Raveneye Week video, we have a rules update for you from Corvus Belli's Infinity. Learn how to make an N4 Fireteam and what has changed since you last took to the tabletop. 

New PREVIEWS & Lore! What’s Inside The New Raveneye Book? | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


What's inside the new Raveneye Book? Well, we have a look inside its pages to uncover all of the new Infinity previews from Corvus Belli and where the lore is going to take us next.

New Profiles! How To Use The Morat Action Pack On The Tabletop | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Learn how to use the new Morat Action Pack on the tabletop in your games of Infinity! Join us and Corvus Belli as we discuss the new profiles available to you with these new miniatures.

Infinity: Raveneye – Book Overview | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Learn a bit more about what's inside the new Infinity: Raveneye book from Corvus Belli. This gives you a teaser of the new background for the Military Orders, Ariadna, Corregidor and NA2 as well as a few more. 

From Concept To Miniature – Bringing The Morat Action Pack To Life | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Join us as we chat with Carlos and Killian about Corvus Belli's design ideas for the new Morat Action Pack and Raveneye releases. What does it take to bring these 28mm Sci-Fi Infinity miniatures to life?

Morat Aggression Forces Overview | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Another video for you from the team at Corvus Belli. Here, they give us an overview of the Morat Aggression Force and how they fit into the 28mm Sci-Fi world of Infinity. Has this got you pumped for more from Raveneye Week?

Amazing New Minis! Raveneye & Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack Unboxing | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Join us for a Raveneye & Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack Unboxing! We dive into some amazing new miniatures from Corvus Belli for use in the Sci-Fi wargame, Infinity.

Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack Trailer | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Get excited for a full week of awesome Infinity goodness with the Morat Aggression Force Trailer for Corvus Belli and OnTableTop's Raveneye Week.

Raveneye Themed Week Trailer | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Get excited for a full week of awesome Infinity goodness with the themed week trailer for Corvus Belli and OnTableTop's Raveneye Week.

EP75 Video Edition: Apes, Arising & Journalism


Is Iron Kingdoms The Perfect RPG Setting? + UKGE Prize Giveaway This Weekend! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this week's show, we ask whether or not the Iron Kingdoms is the perfect RPG setting with the release of the new 5E books! PLUS, we get set for a BIG UKGE Prize Giveaway this weekend.

Raveneye Bundle Trailer | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Get excited for a full week of awesome Infinity goodness with the first trailer for Corvus Belli and OnTableTop's Raveneye Week. It all starts Monday 21st March!

Infinity: Raveneye Week Coming Monday 21st March!


Make sure to join us on Monday 21st March as we are joined by Corvus Belli for more Infinity goodness as part of Raveneye Week here OnTableTop!

Community Spotlight: Yu Jing, Dungeon Doggies & Gladiators!


We dive into a new Community Spotlight this week where we check out Infinity, some dogs ready for a big adventure and a battle in a gladiatorial arena.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Tabletop Game Expansions; Where Do You Draw The Line?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're diving into the issue of tabletop game expansions. When is enough, enough? Where do you draw the line?

VLOG: Corvus Belli Sighted At OTT HQ! Infinity: TAG Raid Pledge Manager Now Live


Carlos from Corvus Belli is over in the OnTableTop studio filming some more awesome Infinity content for you that will be out soon! They also wanted to say that the Infinity: TAG Raid Pledge Manager is now live!

Community Interview: Ben Howard – CanCon Bushido Tournament Winner


Sneak A Peek At The Infinity Releases For March 2022!


Some brand new releases are lined up for a variety of factions in Corvus Belli's excellent 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish wargame, Infinity. All of these miniatures are going to be released around the end of March 2022.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Why Doesn’t My Hobby Feel Like Art?


Warren, Gerry, Ben and Free dive into a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS for 2022. Warren has a pressing question as he doesn't feel like his hobby is the art that it rightly should be! Do you agree?

Community Spotlight: Infinity Bikers, Undead Napoleonics & Gaming Tables!


Some undead minions, an epic action scene from Infinity and finally a nifty looking gaming table as well which might be fun to replicate!

Peek At Corvus Belli’s New Infinity Releases For February 2022


Some fun new Infinity releases are dropping for February 2022! There are some individual packs alongside some new Action Pack collections as well. If you're diving into some Sci-Fi skirmishing then maybe they'll have something for your faction of choice?

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