Maximus! New Infinity Releases For March 2024

February 6, 2024 by brennon

Corvus Belli has been showcasing the new releases coming to the Sci-Fi world of Infinity for March 2024! Some awesome new characters are popping up alongside some great ways for you to start or bolster a faction of your choice.

Maximus Optimate And HexaDome Legend - Infinity

Maximus, Optimate And HexaDome Legend //  Infinity

The mighty Maximus leads the fighting for the forces of ALEPH. Legend of the HexaDome, Maximus is also no slouch when it comes to battling on the various war fronts of the Human Sphere and beyond. He is instilled with a sense of duty that sends him headlong into the fighting and he doesn't half look good whilst doing it.

The pose is pure "badass" with him staring down an unfortunate opponent who reckons they'd got the measure of him. He is one of the new thermoplastic miniatures from Corvus Belli and has all the lethality of a TAG but with the handsome face of Maximus instead!

Next up, we're turning our attention to the Combined Army and The Anathematics.

The Anathematics - Infinity

The Anathematic Hacker // Infinity

This deadly hacker is going to be good when bolstering your existing Combined Army and giving you a bit of punch at the same time. They can use their altered physique and advanced technology to hide and camouflage before striking or indeed messing with all of your best-laid plans. They are effectively invisible and are also some of the best troops that the Combined Army has to draw on. This is another of the thermoplastic miniatures, allowing Corvus Belli to do some big ol' miniatures without ruining poor hobbyist lives as they struggle with metal.

Special Deterrence Group Azra'il then steps into the mix as a miniature for those playing as Haqqislam. Not quite as big as the two miniatures above but still awesome.

Special Deterrance Group Azra il - Infinity

Special Deterrence Group Azra'il // Infinity

Armed with an AP Spitfire, the Azra'il is going to be a good way of knocking out your heavily armoured opponents. It helps that the Azra-il is also clad in some heavy armour to make sure that they have some staying power on the tabletop too.

Moving from the big and the brutal, we also have some new miniatures for those playing as the Nomads. How about adding some Zeroes into the mix to start doing a bit of hunting?

Zeroes - Infinity

Zeroes // Infinity

This set comes with three miniatures, one Zero Hacker, one Zero Minelayer and Bran do Castro. This is going to be a solid set of skirmishing units for you to throw into the mix alongside the Bakunin Observance Action Pack that folks have been playing with for a while.

Action Packs!

If you're someone looking to dive into Infinity then maybe you'll be tempted by some new Action Packs from Corvus Belli instead. There are two, one for Ariadna and one for the Nomads.

Ariadna Action Pack - Infinity

Ariadna Action Pack // Infinity

Nomads Action Pack - Infinity

Nomads Action Pack // Infinity

The Ariadna set comes with one Rokot with Rifle, one Rokto with Submachine Gun, one Rotok with Light Shotgun, one Paracommando with Boarding Shotgun, one SAS with Boarding Shotgun, one Volkolak with HMG, one Zenit-7 with AP Sniper Rifle, one Kosmosoldat with AP HMG and one Scots Guard with Shock Marksman Rifle. You also get William Wallace looking to bellow "freedom" and charge into the fray with his close combat weapon.

On the Nomads side of things, you have three Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, one Sombra Hacker with MULTI Rifle, one Evader with Spitfire, one Hellcat with Boarding Shotgun, one Intruder with HMG, one Tomcat Engineer with MULTI Rifle, one Wildcat with Spitfire and one Vostock with MK12.

All of these miniatures will be available to pre-order soon ahead of a release in March!

"The mighty Maximus leads the fighting for the forces of ALEPH..."

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