REM Racers! New Board Game Now Available From Corvus Belli

February 8, 2024 by brennon

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REM Racers, the fun and relaxed board game from Corvus Belli set in the Infinity universe is now available to snap up on their webstore. Dive in with your family and have some fun as you race around the track trying to beat your rivals.

Rem Racers - Corvus Belli FEB

REM Racers // Corvus Belli

Each player will take on the role of a racer, using their controller to plan out their moves and race around the track. As you use your templates to zoom around the track (which can be built in all manner of different ways), you'll also be using a whole bunch of equipment cards (representing weapons and other kit) to try and secure yourself the win!

Rem Racers Contents - Corvus Belli FEB

REM Racers - Contents // Corvus Belli

The game looks like it has a whole host of replay value baked into it and it seems like a super way to get the kids involved. If you want a taste of how the game works, check out the trailer from Corvus Belli below...

REM Racers Trailer // Corvus Belli

Could you be tempted to give this a go? Are you an Infinity fan wanting a quick and easy board game to play in between your bigger games?

Drop your thoughts in the comments!

"Could you be tempted to give this a go?"

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