Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases October 2021!

September 9, 2021 by brennon

Some more stunning miniatures are coming out from the folks at Corvus Belli for Infinity this October. We have new support options for Code One as well as additional characters you can throw into your regular Sci-Fi games of Infinity too.

Nomads Support Pack - Infinity

Nomads Support Pack // Infinity

We'll have a look at the various offerings for those diving into Infinity CodeOne first. You have two new Support Packs which are going to be handy when bolting them onto your existing Nomads and Ariadna forces on the tabletop.

The Nomads offering (above) comes with a Daktari, Clockmaker and two Zondbots which will offer up some great ways to keep your troops alive and do a bit of tinkering at the same time.

We also have a new Support Pack for the forces of Ariadna too.

Ariadna Support Pack - Infinity

Ariadna Support Pack // Infinity

This set gets down to business, as is the Ariadna way, with a Kazak Doktor, Doze and 112 for you to play around with in your games. Repair equipment and make sure that no one falls apart on the battlefield, all under the supporting fire of your comrades.

As well as the miniatures for those continuing their journey in CodeOne, we also have some new miniatures for a few other factions too. Yu Jing can call on the aid of their Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry.

Jujak Regiment Korean Shock Infantry - Infinity

Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry // Infinity

The Koreans are looking cool as always I see. This set is all about getting stuck in and doing serious damage. You have the option for a Heavy Flamethrower, Missle Launcher, Spitfire and Combi-Rifles too. You also have a TinBot to keep things ticking. You get a serious amount of firepower in this set for very few army points.

O-12 and ALEPH can also call on the support of Parvati, Circle League Star.

Parvati Circle League Star - Infinity

Parvati, Circle League Star // Infinity

She might once have been an Aristeia! star but she is also ready to dive into the fighting of Infinity too. Reinventing and tweaking herself, Parvati is armed with a submachine gun and she seriously knows how to use it. A very cool miniature that builds on the stunning aesthetic of ALEPH.

Last but not least we have a miniature for fans of PanOceania. Here is the Knight Of Santiago armed with a Spitfire.

Knight Of Santiago - Infinity

Knight Of Santiago // Infinity

A specialist in naval and deep space operations, the Knights Of Santiago are not to be messed with. Anyone who carries a freckin' sword into a Sci-Fi gun battle gets my vote, even if they are pesky followers of PanO.

There are plenty of great options coming your way in October 2021 so make sure to tell us which of them are on your radar!

"Anyone who carries a freckin' sword into a Sci-Fi gun battle gets my vote..."

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