Corvus Belli Look Ahead To October 2020 Infinity Releases

September 11, 2020 by brennon

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The folks at Corvus Belli have shown off some of the neat options coming to Infinity at the tail end of October. We start with a new option for Ariadna as they band together as part of the Tartary Army Corps Action Pack.

Tartary Army Corps Action Pack - Infinity

Tartary Army Corps Action Pack // Infinity

This army, also known as TAK, is set up to patrol the wild western regions of Ariadna. This set is composed of some of the most experienced and professional soldiers within the Ariadna army where the options are that you either battle on and survive or die horribly.

The set offers up the Line Kazaks, Tankhunter, Veteran Kazak, Scout, Ratnik, Vassily, Strelok and Frontovik Engineer. Who wouldn't want to hang out with these seriously badass looking individuals who are making do with a lot less of the high-tech kit that other armies are? Also...that walker is amazing!

Specialised Infinity Soldiers

In addition to the TAK force, you can also pick up a couple of individual soldiers for use in your Infinity games. For example, you can pick up the Monstrucker who is armed with a sub-machine gun.

Monstruckers - Infinity

Monstruckers // Infinity

The Monstruckers are there to deal with the emergencies that come to light as you're crossing the vast Sahm Highway on big road trains. The hell of sand and rock that they find themselves in isn't just dangerous from an environmental standpoint as there are many who might try to interfere. This character can join NA2, Haqqislam, or Ramah Taskforce army lists.

You can also go all deadly with the Hatail Spec-Ops option for the Spiral Corps and Tohaa.

Hatail Spec-Ops - Infinity

Hatail Spec-Ops // Infinity

These Spec-Ops have no official troop profile in the Army Lists which are available currently but they can be used as proxy miniatures during your games instead. This particular retail edition of the character comes with the option for a Combi-Rifle or Pistol and also comes with a close combat weapon or an unarmed option as part of the pack.

Corvus Belli mentioned that this particular miniature would be good when used alongside the Infinity Campaign System and its Experience Rules. That way you can include this more unique character in your force and watch them grow.

Special Characterful Packs

You can also mix things up with a few narrative options for your games. If you have been looking forward to Betrayal by Corvus Belli in graphic novel form you can also pick up the Betrayal Characters Pack which includes all of the named heroes and villains from that story.

Betrayal Characters Pack - Infinity

Betrayal Characters Pack // Infinity

So, to break it down, this set comes with  Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut, Cheong-Hee Jeong, Special Operative Ko Dali and Umbra Samaritan Nourkias. This is a pretty awesome set and means that you could actually try and play out the clashes from the pages of the graphic novel on the tabletop.

Finally (for Infinity at least), you can also check out the Dire Foes Beta: Void Tango pack.

Dire Foes Mission Pack Beta Void Tango - Infinity

Dire Foes Mission Pack Beta: Void Tango // Infinity

This is a little bit of the background for this particular adventure...

"What could possibly have kept Casanova, that handsome devil, away from parties at embassies and dragged him to a dump like Hlökk Station, a mining facility in the Brísingamen Asteroid Belt? What seemed like a no-brainer mission for O-12, investigating Minescorp's dirty laundry, has turned out to be a Shasvastii covert operation. And Sargosh, the Jayth Tunnel-Crumbler, will not let Casanova thwart it, not even if some prospector gets in the way, no matter how pretty she is."

You get three miniatures in the box for the NOC Operation Casanova, Sargosh and the Prospector, a freelance space miner. You obviously get some new options here for use in narrative-based scenarios but you can expand upon this set in the likes of Infinity CodeOne and regular Infinity.

As well as the miniatures here you will also be able to pick up new packs for Infinity and Aristeia! There is an Event Tournament Pack (Infinity) and AGL Event Kit Parvati Edition (Aristeia!) which are also going to be available in October.

Moonchild Comes To Aristeia!

In addition to the new characters for Infinity, you can also get a new option for Aristeia! too. This is Moonchild, Dogface Huntress.

Moonchild Dogface Huntress - Aristeia

Moonchild, Dogface Huntress // Aristeia

The original Moonchild can be found in the Double Trouble expansion and this changes things up and offers a different version of the character for you to use in the Hexadome. As well as being able to fight in Dog-Warrior form you can now introduce her into your games in Dogface form instead which is neat to see.

You will need that original expansion to use this miniature but it is fun to see more alternatives for their Sci-Fi board game.

Are you going to be picking up these new characters from Corvus Belli in October?

"Are you going to be picking up these new characters from Corvus Belli in October?"

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