Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases For September 2023!

August 11, 2023 by brennon

Corvus Belli has now previewed the Infinity releases that are coming up for the month of September 2023. Have a peek at the miniatures you'll be able to snap up for this 28mm Sci-Fi wargame next month.

Bixie The Jade Champion - Infinity

Bixie, The Jade Champion // Infinity

We start out looking at these previews with a look at Bixie, The Jade Champion who finds herself fighting for the forces of Yu Jing. She is a champion from the HexaDome, a heroine of the StateEmpire and a iconic soldier that many would love to follow into battle. She lost both her legs fighting for her country but still takes part in tournaments in the HexaDome as well as working to bring more willing warriors into the fold.

She can fight for Fireteams that are part of the Invincible Army, the White Banner but also perhaps Starmada if you prefer. A neat miniature, leaping into the action.

Next up, we're laying down the lay in some fashion with Father Lucien Sforza, Authorized Bounty Hunter.

Father Lucien Sforza Authorized Bounty Hunter - Infinity

Father Lucien Sforza, Authorized Bounty Hunter // Infinity

A bounty hunter and adventurer, this former man of the cloth might still wear his collar but he has built up a fearsome reputation on the battlefield. He has been engaged in the hunting of humans and many rogue AIs in his time.

He has an awesome miniature, properly dominating the battlefield under his stern stare. He is a great mercenary that could end up being just what you need to get one up on the enemy.

One of the most anticipated packs from the new releases is potentially this one. See what you make of the Bakunin Uberfallkommando.

Bakunin Uberfallkommando - Infinity

Bakunin Uberfallkommando // Infinity

Made up of a Chimera and a band of Pupbniks, these illegal human-animal hybrids are going to be getting stuck into the fighting for the Bakunin and the Nomads. They were created for fighting and more awful endeavours but you can let them get some payback on the battlefield. Mixing together their animal strength and dexterity with powerful weapons, they could be a good way for you to finish off your Action Pack in style.

Expansion & Support Packs

As well as these new releases, we're also seeing some new Expansion and Support Packs coming to the tabletop for the Combined Army and Ariadna.

Combined Army Expansion Pack Alpha - Infinity

Combined Army Expansion Pack Alpha // Infinity

The Evolved Intelligence is at play here with these strange creations for the Combined Army. The set comes with four miniatures, two Imetrons and two Batdroid Ikadrones with Baggage, Repeater and Heavy Flamethrower. This gives you some more flexibility when it comes to building your squad and could be a good way to reinforce your growing collection.

You can also get stuck in and do the dirty work with the Kosmoflot Support Pack.

Kosmoflot Support Pack - Infinity

Kosmoflot Support Pack // Infinity

Sometimes it pays to try and stop your ship from blowing up and that's where these folks come in. You get one Mekhanik with Submachine Gun, a Strannik with Submachine Gun and then two Electronik Remotes. This is a solid set of specialised troops that would be very good for dealing with very specific objective-based scenarios. As well as fixing things, they could also just switch things up and start blowing everything to pieces. It's a good way to get yourself to the objective without too much hassle.

New Infinity Card Decks For ITS

Capping things off, we also got two new Card Decks from Corvus Belli for those diving into playing your games during the new ITS Season.

Operations Deck - Infinity

Operations Deck // Infinity

ITS Season 15 Tournament Pack - New Order - Infinity

ITS Season 15 Tournament Pack - New Order // Infinity

Both of these are available to pick up so you can get yourself sorted as you take your Infinity faction of choice to tournaments and more. There are some nice bits and pieces in here for those looking to set up fun Infinity events.

Will you be taking a look at these new releases in September?

"See what you make of the Bakunin Uberfallkommando!"

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