Peek At Corvus Belli’s New Infinity Releases For February 2022

January 6, 2022 by brennon

Some fun new Infinity releases are dropping for February 2022! There are some individual packs alongside some new Action Pack collections as well. If you're diving into some Sci-Fi skirmishing then maybe they'll have something for your faction of choice?

Malignos Hacker - Infinity

Malignos Hacker // Infinity

Leading the way is the Malignos Hacker. Once again, the Combined show off just how impressive their alien forces are. I think the reason I like them so much is that they look exceptionally intimidating regardless of the model. Maybe it's black and pink/red that makes the evil pop?

The next of the miniatures is for Yuan Yuan! Drop in from up high and cut down some fools with this dynamic miniature.

Yuan Yuan - Infinity

Yuan Yuan // Infinity

The stance has a neat sense of action to it. You could easily drop this into a diorama or vignette as she is slicing through one of her foes or the hull of a TAG. A solid option for those running NA2 as an example.

Yu Jing also has an impressive melee combatant for you to drop into the action. Here we have the Shaolin Warrior Monk.

Shaolin Warrior Monk - Infinity

Shaolin Warrior Monk // Infinity

Trained in monasteries, they are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. They don't really like the idea of using firearms but why would you need to when your hands are deadly weapons in their own right? A great looking miniature in a fun pose.

We also have some of the awesome-looking Fuzzbots on the way for those playing as O-12 on the battlefield.

Fuzzbots - Infinity

Fuzzbots // Infinity

Designated "Fuzzbots" by the populace, they are another tool in the arsenal of O-12 as they try to keep the streets clean. Most of them will clank down the street alongside their Bureau Aegis Patrol Officer. I would say that is pretty intimidating and enough of a deterrent.

Snowy Troopers & Action Packs

Now we have the cream of the crop. I think this is the best set of releases for February! An excellent wintery option for those playing as PanOceania.

Vargar Maximum Security Team - Infinity

Vargar Maximum Security Team // Infinity

You could imagine them stalking through the snow, furs blowing in the wind, hunting down deadly alien foes that have dared to come near their hidden facilities. If the rifles fail then you could always burn things with the flamethrower or blast it into oblivion with the rocket launcher.

We also got two Action Packs that act as an option for people diving into the game for the first time who seek everything!

PanOceania Action Pack - Infinity

PanOceania Action Pack // Infinity

Yu Jing Action Pack - Infinity

Yu Jing Action Pack // Infinity

If you're looking to play out a clash between some elite forces on the tabletop then you can't go far wrong when it comes to PanOceania and Yu Jing. Two very distinct looking factions with striking paint schemes for you to match at home.

Which of these options from Corvus Belli will you be snapping up for Infinity next month?

"You could imagine them stalking through the snow, furs blowing in the wind, hunting down deadly alien foes that have dared to come near their hidden facilities..."

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