Deep Cut Bring Their O12 Mat To The Tabletop For Infinity

October 7, 2019 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has introduced a new officially licensed mat into the mix for those playing Infinity. Here we have their take on O12 which you can use as an uber-Sci-Fi setting for your Infinity games to take place.

O-12 Mat - Deep Cut Studio

The design here has been crafted by Jan Jasinski and you can pick this particular mat up in 4x4, a perfect for those playing games of Infinity at tournaments or just casually at home.

O-12 Mat Full - Deep Cut Studio

As mentioned above, I really like the sleek Sci-Fi design which is very might on the 'High Sci-Fi' side of things. It looks like the perfect landscape to clash with your augmented soldiers and high-tech weapons. O12 are newcomers to the world of Infinity but it makes sense that they'd get a lot of fanfare with a mat like this.

What do you think of the new design?

"O12 are newcomers to the world of Infinity..."

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