Infinity Operation Coldfront Week: Designing Operation Coldfront

July 18, 2018 by dignity

Today I'm joined by our local Infinity expert Killian and Carlos from Corvus Belli to talk about the design process that went into building Operation Coldfront.

Pre-Order Operation Coldfront

The lastest INFINITY Battle Pack OPERATION COLDFRONT that will include: Tartary Army Corps TAK

  • 3x Line Kazaks with Rifle 1x Veteran Kazak with AP Rifle 1x Tankhunter with AP Rifle 1x Scout with Boarding Shotgun 1x Armata Projekt 2 "Ratnik" with Heavy Shotgun

Against ALEPH OperationS

  • 3x Dakini Tacbots with Combi Rifle 1x Deva Functionarie with Combi Rifle 1x Shukra Consultants with Boarding Shotgun 1x Yadu Units with MULTI Rifle 1x Naga with MULTI Sniper Rifle Pre-Order exclusive Bonus: Wardriver, Mercenary Hacker

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Who is your favourite character from Operation Coldfront?

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