Exclusive! Build A Bourak Outpost With New Plast Craft Terrain

February 2, 2018 by brennon

Plast Craft Games are back with another exclusive for us here on Beasts Of War as they show off their Bourak Outpost!

Bourak Terrain - Plast Craft Games

Designed For Infinity Range

This large set of terrain is meant for use with your games of Infinity, representing some of the buildings that you might see out in the lands belonging to Haqqislam. So, we're going to be delving into each of these pieces so you can take a better look!

Sahn Of The Sultanate

First off we have this enclosed arena-style space which might represent a place where the commanders could hold court, or discuss important matters of war.

Sahn of the Sultanate - Plast Craft Games

As always with the terrain from Plast Craft for their ColorED range all of this comes pre-coloured and just needs building in order to get it ready for the tabletop.

MeteoZon Research Center

Another of the large structures is this, the MeteoZon Research Center.

MeteoZon Research Center - Plast Craft Games

I imagine that this place could be one of those buildings where all of the secrets are kept. You could see your Infinity soldiers fighting their way up across those platforms to get their hands on a very important objective.

MeteoZon Cabin

One of the smaller buildings, possibly another place for an objective is this MeteoZon Cabin.

MeteoZon Cabin - Plast Craft Games

One hopes there is plenty of room in the top for a sniper to stand so they can get a bead on why might be beyond the walls of this facility.

Funduq Security Outpost

Looking towards the more militaristic side of this compound we have the Funduq Security Outpost which serves as the HQ for those tasked with guarding the scientists.

Funduq Security Outpost - Plast Craft Games

Once again, plenty of awesome levels to fight on and the additional cover of those awnings gives this place a very original look. I like that Infinity inspires people to create such diverse looking landscapes.

MeteoZon Info-Gathering Set

Maybe as something set further away from the compound you have this MeteoZon Info-Gathering Set. This could potentially be on the other side of the board to the compound; something you'd need to rush out and protect.

MeteoZon Info-Gathering Set - Plast Craft Games

It is actually quite sizeable as you can see too, looming over one of the regular miniatures from the Infinity range. Far from the protection of the compound walls, this looks like some delicate equipment worth destroying.

Bourak Corner Wall Section

Talking of walls, we also have the Bourak Corner Wall Section which can be combined with some of the larger wall sections that Plast Craft already create. This allows you to create some easy corners in your tabletop creations.

Bourak Corner Wall Section - Plast Craft Games

They also look heavily protected and would be a good place for the guards to hunker down when they come under attack.

As a larger compound, this looks insanely awesome and provides us immediately with cool ideas for scenarios.

What do you think?

"I like that Infinity inspires people to create such diverse looking landscapes..."

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