Infinity Teaser: Human Sphere N3 Coming Soon(ish)!

May 25, 2015 by lloyd

Come and check out this pretty sweet looking teaser trailer from Corvus Belli which gives you a glimpse into what's going to be happening with the next book for Infinity. The Human Sphere is coming to N3 and we have some of the details below...

Infinity Teaser: Human Sphere N3

"The next edition of Infinity. Human Sphere will be a full colour compilation book that updates its rules set to Infinity N3, adding new rules, special skills, weapons and equipment. It will also have background and army lists of complete and expanded Sectorial Armies, including the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH and the Tohaa army list.

Human Sphere brings a new dimension to Infinity N3, and is essential for diving into the Infinity universe and developing the tactical capabilities of every player."

The launch date for the new book is yet to be announced but it should be coming towards the end of the year. We'll  hopefully have more for you on this soon; maybe keep an eye out at the Infinity Boot Camp!

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