What Infinity Mystery Is Unfolding At Corvus Belli?

August 21, 2016 by brennon

It seems like something odd is happening over at Corvus Belli as this image has popped up with the word ALIVE being prominently featured. The forums have gone wild for it and what the future might hold for Infinity.


It has got lots of people asking what on earth is going on. Is this going to be focused towards some massive new announcement for Infinity or is it something else entirely? Either way eventually links pointed to this.


As well as that the forum users have put together quite the bountiful trove of information HERE. This very eerie Audio Recording was also spotted and it is even creepier than all the strange images!

The story is unfolding and things are hyping up indeed. Maybe you can get involved and put forward your two pence as to what is going on.

Thanks to Nathaniel Beach-Hart for sending this in!

Get your thoughts into the comments below...

"The story is unfolding and things are hyping up indeed..."

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