NEW Infinity Operation Kaldstrom Battle Pack! [Unboxing & Demo Battle Videos!]

March 16, 2020 by crew

Corvus Belli teased the coming of Operation Kaldstrom last week and now we get a chance to dive in and take a better look at what's inside this new Battle Pack.  The core aim of this new set is to get more and more people interested in the world of Infinity.

Operation Kaldstrom Box - Corvus Belli

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Inside this pack, you'll find the factions of PanOceania and Yu Jing fighting for control of a snowbound facility. Once you crack open this set you'll find all that you need to get going including terrain, tokens, templates, dice, mat and of course all of the miniatures you need to get going.

Unboxing Video

Much like with all of the Corvus Belli range, the models look magnificent...

Operation Kaldstrom Layout - Corvus Belli

These dynamic models give you just a taster (albeit a very nice taste) of the world of Infinity which is packed full of fascinating and interesting characters. The miniatures here are just the tip of the iceberg.

A much as people tend to view the soldiers of PanOceania as the bad guys, it is hard to dispute just how hard these Sci-Fi knights and paladins look. If you can kick ass with a sword in an age of men with laser rifles, you're certainly hard as nails.

PanOceania Team - Corvus Belli

If the PanOceania faction is not for you, you've also got the expansive and diverse Yu Jing force. With a distinctly different look and feel which steps away from the clean look of PanOceania, this could well be the force for you. I absolutely love that each of the models we're getting here are themed to fit Kaldstrom too, clad in their cloaks to keep the chill from the bones.

Yu Jing Team - Corvus Belli

The miniatures are all rather awesome and the painting here is pretty fantastic (very inspiring!) but there is another reason to pick up this set and it's all to do with Infinity: CODE ONE and N4.

Infinity: CODE ONE

Inside this set, you're going to get a quick and streamlined version of the Infinity game which is designed for beginners. This is in line with a new edition of Infinity (N4) which is in the works for the summer and will carry over the rules from CODE ONE and build on that with more advanced elements for veteran players.

Operation Kaldstrom Stand Off - Corvus Belli

This is great news for me. Whilst I do love the world of Infinity, I do find the rules a little impenetrable and it would be awesome to have a more cut down and revised version of those rules to learn the game and get my head around the mechanics. That is on top of the intricate way in which a squad can be built up and kitted out before battle!

Watch The Demo Video

Operation Kaldstrom and its miniatures will be entirely playable with CODE One, N3 and the upcoming N4 so they are not going to be leaving your collection any time soon.

Pre-Orders Open Now | March 16th - April 3rd

Pre-Orders for Operation Kaldstrom go up today and will continue through until April 3rd. During that period you'll be able to get your hands on more than just the Battle Pack we've looked at above.

Operation Kaldstrom Pre-Orders - Corvus Belli

Pre-Order Operation Kaldstrom Here

As well as being able to pick up the forces of PanOceania and Yu Jing, clashing in battle using CODE One, you'll also get your hands on the Kunai Solutions Ninja which comes with a MULTI Sniper Rifle. This fellow comes absolutely free alongside that Battle Pack.

Operation Kaldstrom Exclusive Sniper #1 - Corvus Belli

Additionally, if you then also include the Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation in the mix as well then you'll also get your hands on Liang Kai, Wandering Shaolin Monk which is a Limited Edition Miniature, also for free.

Dire Foes Retaliation - Corvus Belli

Retaliation sees Troll-Hunter Gunnar Lundmark going up against Imperial Agent Adil Mehmet. It is the perfect match for Operation Kaldstrom because the characters are from both PanOceania and Yu Jing. You'll also find the rather nefarious looking Yu Jing Ambassador in the midst of this kit, no doubt pulling all of the strings!

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Liang Kai, Wandering Shaolin Monk. You can see him here in render form...

Liang Kai Wandering Shaolin Monk Render - Corvus Belli

...and with a coat of paint on him too for good measure. Now that is a fancy looking fellow who you wouldn't want to run into on the battlefield. I imagine he would have some stern words for those who cross him!

Liang Kai Wandering Shaolin Monk Painted - Corvus Belli

Pre-Order Operation Kaldstrom Here

So, things are looking rather awesome for the world of Infinity as Corvus Belli ramp up to get not just a new Battle Pack but also the CODE ONE rules and these extras into the mix. Also, N4 is around the corner later this year and we're very interested to see how both the new edition and the slimmed-down options in CODE ONE help people dive deeper into the world of Infinity.

Which faction are you going to be playing as in Operation Kaldstrom?

"Pre-Orders for Operation Kaldstrom go up today and will continue through until April 3rd..."

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