Exclusive! Redesigned Haqqislam Terrain Joins Plastcraft’s Color-ED Range

July 7, 2017 by brennon

Some new ColorED Terrain is making its way onto the PlastCraft webstore soon for the world of Infinity. Here we have some of the redesigned Haqqislam terrain which now gets the 'ready-to-play' treatment.

Haqqislam Terrain Full

As you can see they have taken a lot of the terrain pieces that will be familiar from their existing catalogue but now with the ColorED style it will be ready to go once you've stuck it together. They've created some really fascinating buildings and designs too...

Building #1

A lot of the buildings not only come with the sloped and interesting walls, packed with Middle-Eastern flavour, but they also have those awnings which you see hanging above open areas of the building.

Building #2

You can see it here in the building above which features a covered area. I also like the amount of height we're getting with these buildings which is perfect for Infinity. Mix that with plenty of cover and you've got an interesting firefight on your hands.

Building #3

A vast array of buildings are coming together for this collection and it will be great for those looking to create proper Haqqislam themed boards. We're also seeing the inclusion of more of the MDF pieces too which allows them to play around with the details some more.

This building has to be my favourite though...

Building #4

Some cool access points, nice walls for protection, a different feel to the archways on either side and the covering which stands out wonderfully. A smaller piece is also part of this collection which could be picked up in a bundle to help bring together a bit of a market.

Market Stall

While a little thing I think pieces like this will help to bring some more character to the tabletop. All you need to do is drop in some good to pack out the stalls and you've got a lived in landscape.

Man The Walls

PlastCraft is really liking their walls right now too it seems as they've created this fantastic wall and gateway for you to fight over.

Wall Section

It has a classic Middle-Eastern feel to it but with a few additions here and there. It's like they've taken old architecture and put the Sci-Fi design over the top which is cool. Those towers are going to be fun to fight around.

Wall Section (Alt)

You could see some Haqqislam forces guarding the walls and trying to keep the people inside safe as the Combined or Tohaa try and infiltrate it and steal some technology or cause havoc.

Will you be checking out this terrain collection when it launches?

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