New Infinity Releases – December 2017

November 21, 2017 by lancorz

We've got another awesome crop of releases coming out soon for the world of Infinity by Corvus Belli throughout December this year.

New Infinity Releases - December 2017

Let's take a look at what's on the cards...

Kanren Counter Insurgency Group Hacker

Acting as a Hacker for the Imperial Service and Yu Jing this light infantry is a popular choice because of the Advanced Deployment skill that they possess.

Additionally, they also bear the specialist label allowing them to accomplish mission objectives which might be good in a pinch.

Szalamandra Squadron

We got a peek at this model last week from the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command element of the Nomads. This is a dangerous and deadly TAG equipped with an HMC and a heavy flamethrower for good measure.

As with most of the range, this is one deadly model that can lay some serious hurt on the enemy and react to the changing state of the battlefield.

Nexus Operative

Joining the Onyx Contact Force we have this new model for the Combined Army. They have a flexible and useful troop profile which is popular with Onyx Fore players.

They are adept at killing enemies, accomplishing objectives, linking up with other troops and in the words of Carlos "they do good t-shirt signings too".

Druze Shock Team

Working for the Mercenaries in Infinity and the Qapu Khalqi we have this Shock Team. They're bad, greedy and they just want a piece of the loot when it comes to your games.

The infamous Druze Mafia is bringing some serious firepower to the tabletop and if you can pay them well enough they'll make your enemy hurt for ignoring them.

Nemma Satar

As one of the Heroines of the Tohaa Legions, Neema can lead the way to victory on any battlefield. She is an incredibly resilient lieutenant who can adapt to the role that suits you best.

She also has a stunning model, as you'd expect from Corvus Belli, and no doubt will find her way into many collections.

Hassassin Lasiqs

In the employ of Haqqislam and the Hassassin Bahram we have one of the deadliest of their brood.

Bringing viral ammo to the tabletop this fellow will stop at nothing to get his/her target.

1st Highlander S.A.S

It's always good to see more from Ariadna and here we have an addition to the Caledonian Highlander Army.

A great skirmishing that is cost-effective for his battlefield role you'll find a good place for them in your force.

Which is your favourite from these releases?

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