New Infinity Releases: November 2017

October 24, 2017 by dignity

It's time for a new raft of releases from the guys at Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity.

Let's dive in and see what's going to become available for you to snap up from November 2017.

Intel Spec-Ops (Grunt Version)

First up we have a model from the Ariadna crew and the USARF. This was a release as a past Gen Con exclusive but now we're getting a new blister pack which comes with various options for heads and arms.

These soldiers can earn XP from campaign games in Paradiso and Tournament. He is effectively a customisable avatar of your player in the game.

Joe 'Scarface' Turner - TAG Pilot

Fighting for the Mercenaries we have a regular release of this model. Scarface is able to pop out of his armour and get a closer look at the enemy if needed.

With that in mind, one hopes you're going to have a lot of fun painting up this fellow when he hits the tabletop.

Avatar & Staldron Ancilliary Remote Unit

Making a move for the Combined army we have another model crafted by the Evolved Intelligence. This 'creature' has access to a crazy powerful body offering it a dominating physical presence on the battlefield.

This is a rather fantastic model that we'd seen in some of the previews earlier in October.

Jeanna d' Arc With MULTI Rifle

Fighting for PanOceania we have a new Military Orders model. As the folks at Corvus Belli have said she is more than a soldier and more than just a leader. She is a symbol of the hope that humanity has against the alien menace.

Soldiers find courage in the face of the Orlean's Maiden and the model itself comes with two different head options offering up a young and older version of the heroine.

Hassassin Muyibs

Working as a multi-purpose unit the Hassassins are a cost-effective fireteam which is able to work as a reliable tool of the Hassassin Bahram to deal with all manner of problems on the battlefield.

The unit comes with four models in the set allowing you to bring an effective fighting force to the tabletop.

Hac Tao Unit

Coming in to serve for the forces of Yu Ying we have a repack of this elite unit which would be great for those scenarios you're playing out on the tabletop.

It is nice to see them return in style and hopefully, you'll be adding them within your force.

What do you think of the new releases?

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