Infinity Sneak Peek – USAriadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

November 12, 2015 by Justin

It's time to drop in for an exclusive look at one of the upcoming models for Infinity! This time around we've been sent images of the 6th Airborne Rangers Reg. who will be joining the fighting for the USAriadna...

Infinity Sneak Peek - USAriadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

Working as part of Roger Zan Vant's squad he is a reliable and cost effective unit that delivers a punch when needed.

Infinity Sneak Peek - USAriadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

Here's some additional fluff to get you excited about using him on the battlefield...

"The Sixth Airborne Rangers are the airborne light infantry regiment of the USARF. Of all the USAriadnan units, it is probably the one most similar in operative profile to the U.S. Rangers, a light aircraft unit, with a capacity for rapid deployment and execution of special operations.

The Airborne Rangers specialize in lightning attacks on enemy positions, appearing from where they are least expected. This is why they have access to the helicopters and airplanes of the Light Air Cavalry.

The Rangers arrive on the battlefield flying low, grazing the tips of the trees, wearing predatory smiles and blaring loud music through their headphones, anxious to jump into combat.

These boys have been trained specifically to conduct Direct Action operations of short duration and high intensity, missions with immediate direct contact characterised by fire fights and close combat.

The task assigned to the Airborne Rangers is always crucial to the success of the operation, as crucial as it is dangerous, which is the reason why they say in the USARF that this unit is a real hero making machine."

Armed with both a Submachine Gun and an Armour Piercing Close Combat Weapon he is deadly up close. I'm sure he's stuck that blade into the back of many a foe.

Have you been enjoying the additions to the USAriadna force?

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