Sneaky Killers & Agents Of The Human Sphere Coming To Infinity

January 10, 2020 by brennon

Corvus Belli has now started showing off the miniatures which will be dropping in late February for use in their Sci-Fi masterpiece, Infinity. Leading the way we've got the Mukhtar, Active Response Unit armed with a deadly Boarding Shotgun.

Mukhtar With Boarding Shotgun - Infinity

These particular troops are good at getting stuck in and owning face, which is always welcome within the world of Infinity. As members of The Saeiqa Supersoldier Program, they are all veteran troops with impressive campaign records, pulled aside to do more specialised work.

Hunting The Truth

As well as the Mukhtar above there is also a new Intel Spec-Ops miniature on the way armed with a heavy pistol.

Intel Spec Ops - Infinity

Whilst this particular model doesn't have a proper profile in the Army List, it could be used as a proxy in your tournaments. The idea is that you could use this trooper as one of the characters that will gain experience and change as you play more and more games. It's perfect for use in the Infinity Campaign System (ICS). I didn't even know that this was a way that you could play the game!

The Umbra Cometh

As well as these two individual characters you can also snap up The Umbra in February too. This would be pretty fascinating for those wanting to build up an alien crew.

The Umbra - Infinity

This particular set comes with three miniatures. You have an Umbra Legate With Spitfire, Umbra Legate With Boarding Shotgun and finally an Umbra Samaritan With Breaker Combi Rifle. Somewhere, someone is turning these miniatures into alternative skins for Reaper in Overwatch.

These are certainly some stunning looking miniatures that would be a great way to add to your Combined Army.

Agents Of The Human Sphere

Finally, we have a selection of characters which could be used for objective-based scenarios on the tabletop and also in your roleplaying games too. See what you make of the Agents Of The Human Sphere.

Agents Of The Human Sphere - Infinity

These could certainly be the civilians that have got stuck in the mix as your teams fight across the tabletop. Used as HVT (High Value Targets/Objectives) in your games, they help to add a little bit more character to your games, developing the narrative and turning it from less of a token-finding-fest.

Also, you could use these characters as your own heroes and villains in the Infinity Roleplaying Game too if you liked.

What do you think?

"...they help to add a little bit more character to your games, developing the narrative and turning it from less of a token-finding-fest"

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