Stealthy Releases For Infinity This June!

June 25, 2014 by brennon

The month of June comes to a close and so the releases for Infinity make themselves known. This month appears to be one of snipers and stealthy sneaks - well, apart from the rather massive (and incredibly epic) Suryat you're about to see!

Agema Marksman

Ariadna Scouts

Nikoul Ambush Unit

First up we have some additions to the ALEPH, Ariadna and Tohaa factions each equipped with a different type of sniper rifle. The Ariadna Scout is a unit from the first book and can find himself a good fit in any army list. The Agema Marksman is another deadly sniper and when combined with the likes of Myrmidons and their smoke grenades becomes an assassin thanks to his multispectral visor. Last but not least is the Nikoul Ambush Unit with a viral sniper rifle and an utterly awesome miniature. I love this more realistic stance for shooting as the other two probably won't be aiming too well standing up!

Ghazi Muttawi'ah


We talked about the Ghazi Muttawi'ah earlier in the week but this is a great take on the unit and will be making sure that jammer is in the right place at the right time to stop the enemy from remaining coherant on the battlefield. That's all well and good but the Suryat is what I want to talk about. Look at how awesome that guy is!

This chap is a walking tank with a weapon capable of smashing away pretty much anything in it's way. I love the armour, the painting and the way it's been posed as if he's surveying the utter devastation he has caused. A brilliant model and probably my favourite of the releases this month.

That's my favourite but which is yours?

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