Worship in Customeeple’s Infinity Cathedral

May 25, 2014 by dracs

Customeeple have come out with a grand terrain piece for Infinity, an ornate, scifi cathedral that provides the perfect campaign centre piece for Pan Oceana's holy knights.

Infinity Cathedral

Infinity Cathedral 2

Infinity Cathedral 3

This building brings us a cathedral that keeps with the classic, European style while also matching with the rest of the Infinity buildings that are out there.

It also provides three levels and vantage points to give you more tactical options, as well as a cool, ornate interior to take your battles inside this holy place.

Infinity Cathedral Interior

Infinity Cathedral Interior 2

All in all this is a rather impressive piece. I could see some people being put off by the mix of European gothic architecture with Infinity's more box-like scifi style, but I think it fits well and provides a new dimension and objective to your games.

Will you go to Customeeple to pray?

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