Kings Of War Online Campaign, Edge Of The Abyss Begins!

September 4, 2017 by lloyd

A new online campaign has begun for Kings Of War by Mantic Games. Edge Of The Abyss sees you battling it out for the very fate of Mantica and your battles will change the course of fate, altering the world for years to come!

Kings of War Edge Abyss Campaign

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You and players from all over the world can get stuck into the campaign right now. See where your First Steps should be but before then we need a bit of background.

What's The Campaign About?

Here's some of the background and fluff by Mantic Games...

"For the first time since its creation, the Abyss grows wider. It seeks to devour the world and curse all with its corruption. The forces of Good rally under the Green Lady’s banner. Even the Ogres and Varangur haven taken up arms to protect the world."

Mantica Map

Register Now & Command Your Armies

"Meanwhile, the forces of Evil muster in the dark halls, the Abyssal Dwarfs strike at their southern kin, Abyssals and Orcs wage destructive wars, and a darker, unspoken evil bears down on the minds of the Elves, trying to find a way into the world. Mantica itself trembles as war begins. You must answer the call. Will you defend its people or revel in its destruction?"

You can also pick up the Edge Of The Abyss Campaign Book from the Mantic Games webstore which gives you information on new characters, new scenarios and more for you to use in this campaign.

However, you can get just get stuck into your games and start playing! Record your battles and fight for the glory of your faction to see where the story takes you.

How Do I Get Involved?

Well, firstly you have to make sure that you have Registered but after that, you can then do a number of things to get involved with the campaign over the next few weeks...

Kings of War Edge Abyss Campaign

So, there's a lot to get involved with. Make sure to get yourself over to the Edge Of The Abyss website, get your friends involved and start playing some games of Kings Of War in this new online campaign.

Will you be taking part?

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