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Chat Kings Of War With Ronnie, James & Alessio Cavatore!


Hope you all enjoyed the chat with the Mantic chaps! We’ll hopefully have another one soon!

Kings of War Week: Demo Game Part 2!


Time for the conclusion to what has
been an amazing game of Kings of
War! Let us see how it all comes
to a close and who will stand
victorious upon the field of battle!

Kings of War Week: Forces Of The Abyss


Now to uncover more about one of the final factions
for Kings of War. We’ve saved probably the best
for last as the guys get a look at the forces of
evil in Mantica as they delve into the Abyss.

Kings of War Week: Undead Faction Breakdown


It’s time to head down to the crypts and
uncover what we can from dusty tomes
about the Undead faction for Kings of
War. Time to take over the
world of the living!

Kings of War Week: Unboxing Goblins!


We’ve chatted about the Goblin faction and
now it’s time for us to have a look at the
miniatures. What kind of little critters
can you get your hands on to
bolster this sneaky force?

Kings Of War List Building: Orcs, Orcs, Orcs!


We have another Kings of War veteran stepping up to the council of war to dictate exactly what kind of Orc army you should be thinking of taking. Hmm, I wonder what an Orc council of war is actually like?

Kings of War Week: Goblins Faction Breakdown


Who doesn’t love Goblins? Those sneaky,
thieving little gits have a special place in
the hearts of all gamers, and the races
of Mantica. Wait what am I saying?!
They’re like rats infesting every corner
of the world and need to be killed on sight!

Kings of War Week: Twilight Kin Faction Breakdown


When normal Elves go evil they become Dark Elves. When Mantic Elves go properly evil they become Twilight Kin!
Let’s see what the guys have to say about one of
the most insidious races in Kings of War.

Kings of War Week: Abyssal Dwarf Faction Breakdown


We’re delving into the evil side of
Mantica with the Abyssal Dwarfs!
Warren and James will be discussing
the ins and outs of this army of
nasty little fellows.

Kings of War Week: Orc Faction Breakdown


Now for one of those classic fantasy
races, the Orcs! We’re back with
another look at this particular breed
of green skins and will uncover
what makes this army tick.

Kings of War List Building: Goblins & Abyssal Dwarfs!


If you’re interested in how to build an army list for Kings of War then Pathfinder for Mantic, Christopher Nicholls, has two that might get you excited. Check out his Goblin and Abyssal Dwarf army within!

Kings of War Week: Forces of Nature Faction


Time for a look at the Forces of Nature Faction.
Will Warren and James head off for a spot of
tree hugging, or will they be calling forth the
creatures of the deep woods to do battle?

Kings of War Week: Ogres Faction Breakdown


They’re big, they’re bad, they’re coming to rock
your world! It is, of course, the Ogres! These
guys seem to be your big, nasty beat stick
army for your Kings of war battles,
but what will the guys make of them?

Kings of War Week: Kingdoms of Men Faction Breakdown


The guys get their teeth sunk into the Kingdoms of
Men faction for Kings of War. From the looks of
things, this will be the faction to let you bring
whatever you want to the table in terms of
alternate minis and such.

Becoming A King Of War: The Two Player Battle Set


We’re taking another look at the Kings of War Two Player Starter Set as Kieran Merigo heads out on the journey to become a King of War. Keep an eye out for much more on this quest in the future!

Kings of War Week: Ogres Unboxed!


Time for more cool stuff from the vaults
of mantic as Justin and James
check out what you’ll be
getting in the Ogre army.

Painting Mantic’s Twilight Kin Sorceress Part 2


Romain is ready to paint up the dress on his Twilight Kin Sorceress, so he has decided to give her a little black number that I think you will all enjoy.

Kings of War Week: Dwarfs Faction Breakdown


Time for a look at the Dwarf Faction for Kings of War!
It seems like Mantic have made sure they are just as
we know and love them; short, angry and
lovers of good drink!

Kings of War Week: Elves Faction Breakdown


The guys move along to the next faction from
Kings of War. The discussion this time turns
to the Elves of Mantica and we get an in
depth look at this long living race.

Kings of War Week: Demo Game Part 1!


Justin and James are taking to the field
of battle with a couple of Kings of War
armies in an effort to show you how
it all works! Who will come
out on top?

Kings of War Week: Basilean Faction Breakdown


Kicking things off the guys will be
settling down to have a look at
the Basilean Faction for
Kings of War.