Mantic Games Release Free Kings Of War Rules Sampler

April 15, 2020 by brennon

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Mantic Games has released a free sampler of the Kings Of War 3rd Edition rules for you to tinker with during this period of isolation. Featuring all of the rules you need to play a basic version of the game it also features rules for two sample armies, Orcs and Dwarfs.

Kings Of War Free Rules - Mantic Games

You can download and try out the rules for Kings Of War HERE and then consider checking out some of our videos to see if the game might be for you. We've got a pair of them to get you going down below!

So, give the rulebook a download and have a watch of these videos and maybe you'll come out the other side with the idea for a new army to play in Kings Of War! If you're already converted to the ways of Kings Of War then jump into the comments and give us some hints and tips for starting out.

Maybe suggest a good army to get someone started in the game?

"Maybe suggest a good army to get someone started in the game?"

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