Watch The Battles Of History In Lego Form!

August 4, 2014 by brennon

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A lot of us love to know about historical battles but we rarely get to see them save in films and TV shows. The other options is to read up about them, and you should, but how about watching them in Lego form? Brick Dictator, amongst others on Youtube, has a channel dedicated to showing off historical battles in Lego!

Greek Lego

Roman Lego

The video above shows the Battle of Asculum which gave us the phrase, a Pyrrhic Victory. This means to fight a battle but lose so many of your own men in the process that it wasn't really a victory at all and to continue fighting would lose you even more! The amount of detail that they've gone into here is amazing and each of the soldiers looks brilliant. There's even a bit of Lego bloodshed!

Hundred Years War Sea Battle

Battle of  Crecy

Vietnam Ambush

Battle for Poland Lego

It's not only Ancient history that's getting the Lego treatment either. Brick Dictator has also done animations to do with Medieval history, Vietnam and World War II to name a few. It's well worth heading on over and checking out more from the Youtube page. I'm sure many of you will now be spending your break time at work watching these!

Thanks to Ben Clapperton for enlightening us to this selection of animations!

What battle would you love to see done in Lego?

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