Forge World’s Nazgul Of Dol Guldur Gather As One

March 27, 2018 by brennon

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Forge World has now made available the last of the Nazgul Of Dol Gudur! The final three in the set is now available up on their webstore for you to snap up, completing the set from The Hobbit movie series.

The Nazgul Of Dol Guldur 3 - Forge World

This set breaks down and gives you the Forsaken and two Abyssal Knights who fight alongside him. As you might have guessed, the Forsaken is the fellow with the funny sword-breaker style weapon.

All of these models can then be banded together with the rest of this collection of them below.

Nazgul Of Dol Guldur Collection - Forge World

The set is certainly one that has divided a lot of people because the design of some of these Nazgul was so divisive when the films came out.

I still don't think I'm entirely on board with some of the designs (especially Khamul The Easterling at the back there with the curled horns) but the set does look very cool when combined together.

Hardy Survivors

As well as the Nazgul we also have Hilda Biance & Percy now as part of the Forge World collection. They are two of the characters you will have seen in the last of the three films fighting back against the rampaging army of Orcs under Azog.

Hilda Bianca & Percy - Forge World

The paint job on these models, and in fact the Nazgul above, is a lot better than some of the painting we've seen on Forge World models in the past and I think that really helps bring the models to life. I'd really love both of these characters!

As well as being used to drop into the mix for your games of The Hobbit SBG they would also work nicely as role-playing characters too I reckon.

What do you think of their new releases?

"All of these models can then be banded together now..."

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