Ride To Ruin & The World’s End In LotRO Helm’s Deep

October 5, 2013 by brennon

If you've got a bit of Middle-Earth fever at the moment (I have been building a SAGA warband out of awesome looking Games Workshop Hobbit and Lord of the Rings figures) and you also love a bit of role-playing then you'll be pleased to know another expansion for Lord of the Rings Online is on the way; Helm's Deep.

Western Rohan



The newest expansion (as explained in the video above) takes you to Western Rohan as the people of the Riddermark and Westfold have been pushed towards Helm's Deep to escape the forces of Isengard pressing at their door. I have been in love with this game for a while now as it lets me explore the world of Middle-Earth much more than I could have hoped for in the past.

I can't wait for this expansion and I still need to power through Riders of Rohan to get to it! For fans of the game I am currently in Mirkwood then I'll be off to Isengard itself to see if I can put an end to Saruman's schemes!

If anyone is interested in playing or indeed already has the game then hit me up on either Dwarrowdelf or Riddermark servers and we'll get some questing on!

Will you be riding to Rohan's aid?

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