New Saga Expansion & More For LotR: The Card Game!

August 16, 2014 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have got, amongst other things, a new saga expansion and a new standard expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! See what you think of this little preview of The Treason of Saruman and The Lost Realm...

The Treason of Saruman

The Treason of Saruman (Rear)

The first awesome piece of news is in the form of The Treason of Saruman which looks like it's going to show off the Battle of the Hornburg and the defence of Helm's Deep. The saga expansions for LotR: The Card Game are great because they create neat self-contained adventures that are very good at telling the story we all know and love. There are loads to pick from too and this one sounds ace!

The Lost Realm

The Lost Realm (Rear)

The other expansion concerns itself with The Lost Realm and has you wandering into the darkness with Aragorn to fight off ghosts and more in the lands of Angmar. This sounds brilliant too and it's neat to have a Tactics (fighting) version of Aragorn. Can't wait to see his rules in full!

Will you be keeping an eye on these?

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