The Two-Faced Planeswalkers Of Magic Origins

June 29, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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As July draws near, the excitement is continuing to build around the upcoming release of Magic Origins...

origins black

origins black

Wizards of the Coast has said that this set will give us a better look at the history around the planeswalkers. The special feature in this set will see each of the planeswalkers as a two sided card.

origins whiteorigins white

This is particularly interesting in how they come out onto the play field. Their cost is only represented on their non-planeswalker side, meaning they will enter the game as a Legendary Creature. It is through game play and the special conditions listed on the card that they will be exiled and return to the game in their Planeswalker form.

Origins blue

origins blue

This interesting mechanism may just make it more difficult to get your Planeswalkers out, and alive long enough to get them transformed over to their Planeswalker forms. I cannot wait to see how these play!

origins green

origins green LC

origins red

origins red LC

Will you be trying out the new Magic Origins set next month?

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