Take A Look At The Malifaux Models For 2nd Edition

August 9, 2013 by brennon

We've shown you the artwork for these miniatures but now we have uncovered the models, or at least the renders, for the plastic fantastic you will find in your Malifaux Boxes from Wyrd...

Children of December

Herald of Obliteration

Mother of Monsters

Shadows of Redchapel

The Guild's Judgement

These are going to be some nice looking sets and I am fairly sure I am already settled when it comes to the Guild's Judgement. I will be snapping that up as soon as I can!

Hired Swords

Miss Step

Rotton Belles

As well as the boxed sets for each of the factions there are also some amazing smaller sets and of course the pic Miss Step which you can see above. All of this is going to be available through Gen Con and on the Wyrd Miniatures webstore.

Are you looking forwards to it?

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