The Pale Rider Gets Chased by a Gator in Malifaux

August 3, 2014 by dracs

A couple of teaser images have appeared out of Wyrd Games for the upcoming releases of Malifaux, ranging from the sinister pale rider to the apex predator of the swamps.

Pale Rider

The Pale Rider is perhaps the most sinister member to serve the Guild, the embodiment of death itself riding out against their enemies. As you would expect, he's rather expensive, but provides you with a great, offensive character to cause some carnage.

The other preview that has appeared gives us a look inside the new book once again, featuring a new beasty that the Gremlins will be bringing to battle. Watch out, there's a Gator about.


As you would expect from this living dinosaur, it is a melee monster, providing some good, hard hitting muscle for the typically squishy Gremlins, while its ambush special rule will allow it to move up into combat early on.

Are there any new Malifaux releases you're particularly looking forward to?

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