Take A Shot At Through The Breach As A Malifaux Marksman

October 24, 2017 by dracs

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Wyrd has previewed another of the new professions coming to Through The Breach in the Above The Law supplement; the eagle-eyed Marksman.


The Marksman takes ranged combat to new extremes; literally, as they can use the Take Aim action to increase the range of whatever ranged weapon they happen to be using.

The reputation of the Guild's expertly-trained riflemen makes them the most obvious examples of Marksmen in Malifaux, but this Pursuit would also be appropriate for anyone wanting to emulate patient ranged killers like the Katanaka Snipers or the December Acolytes (their harpoon guns are Long Arm weapons, after all).

The Gremlins are pretty fond of their ramshackle rifles, too, if your trigger finger is itching for a bit of Bayou action...

Sharpshooters are one of those types of character class I love and can have a lot of fun with. There is something about supporting your allies from afar with a couple of well-placed shots that is undeniably cool.

What kind of character would you most want to play in Through The Breach?

"Supporting your allies from afar with a couple of well placed shots is undeniably cool..."

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