Wyrd’s Malifaux Gen Con Haul Revealed In Full!

August 8, 2014 by brennon

Wyrd Games have put together a full list of what's coming at Gen Con 2014! See what you think of the new crews, the new boxed additions and of course what's coming special miniatures wise AND Through the Breach!

Bound By Law

Hide & Seek

Hired Guns

The Kin

The Swamp Hag

Vengeful Spirits

I'm a big fan of the Bound by Law set, The Kin, and The Hired Guns but all of the collections have a whole load of brilliant sculpts in them, even if they are just renders on the back of the boxes. It would be nice to see the actual miniatures on these things alongside the artwork.

Packs #1

Packs #2

These single packs are also going to become available for the game allowing you to add to your various factions with the miniatures you love the most. I don't think I could pass up on those brilliant Samurai with mini-guns!

Whiskey Golem

Miss Ery

In terms of big miniatures you'll also be able to pick up the Whiskey Golem for the Gremlins and the new Miss for the event, Miss Ery which you can see above in lovely Teddy Bear form. I'm sure that's a perfectly safe toy to give to a child right?

Through the Breach

As I mentioned before the role-playing game for Malifaux, Through the Breach is also going to be there so if you want to take up role-playing in this very cool world then this is going to be a must for you!

So much Malifaux!

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