Mantic Continue The Story In Walking Dead: All Out War Wave Five

September 4, 2018 by brennon

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Mantic Games are continuing the narrative behind Walking Dead: All Out War with Wave Five now available to pre-order from their webstore.

Fear The Hunters Exspansion - Mantic Games

Leading the way for this particular wave we have the Fear The Hunters Expansion. This set comes with new characters Albert, Charlie, David, Greg, and Theresa as well as all of the campaign options you need to play out the story missions from this expansion.

"On their way to Washington DC, the Survivors realize that they are being stalked by a group of humans. By the time they reach Father Gabriel’s church, these cannibals reveal themselves as a new threat. Fear the Hunters."

As well as this main expansion which provides you with these dangerous hunters you also get a selection of smaller sets which give you a pair of characters each. The first of these is Father Gabriel & Carl Grimes.

Father Gabriel & Carl Grimes - Mantic Games

Carl has been through some tough times by this point, what with losing an eye and all, and he has had to grow up very quickly. Father Gabriel might be able to provide the salvation they need however as they struggle to survive.

If you want to bring a bit more pain to proceedings then you will also be able to pick up Abraham & Jud.

Abraham & Jud - Mantic Games

I don't think I'd ever want to cross Jud on a dark night...or a sunny day to be honest. The painting of these models shows off the quality of the sculpts we're still getting for The Walking Dead: All Out War as well.

Of all of the products Mantic has produced so far, I think that All Out War is of the highest quality. Admittedly, we haven't seen Hellboy properly yet BUT I think it's great that we're still getting such characterful models for this game.

We continue our look at the smaller packs for this expansion with Rosita & Eugene.

Rosita & Eugene - Mantic Games

Rosita looks like she knows how she can handle herself! I am very aware that I know very little of The Walking Dead past those first moments and of course what's covered in the Telltale Games and hope you'll fill me in as to which of these characters I should be loving, and which I should be hating!

Lastly, we have some mounted characters with Maggie & Glen.

Maggie & Glen On Horseback - Mantic Games

All of these characters are available as part of the Wave Five Bundle currently over on the Mantic Games website but you will, of course, be able to get these separately when the full release hits 24th September 2018.

Are you going to be continuing the story within The Walking Dead: All Out War?

"Are you going to be continuing the story within The Walking Dead: All Out War?"

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