Community Spotlight: 6mm Napoleonics, WWII Aeroplanes & Furry Knights

April 27, 2018 by brennon

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We've got a rather historically themed Community Spotlight this time around although I found some time to slip in a couple of awesome models from the anthropomorphic department too.

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6mm Napoleonic British by miniaturebrushwork

We start things off with a style of wargaming and painting which I have very little knowledge of, but it's awesome to see people exploring. Here we have miniaturebrushwork and his 6mm Napoleonic British.

6mm Napoleonic British #1 - miniaturebrushwork

This is a new realm of wargaming for miniaturebrushwork too as he looks to create a 6mm army for use in Black Powder. The painting on these models has to be very fine as it needs to show off the pageantry and bright colours of Napoleonic warfare without the broader canvas of a 28mm miniature. I think he's done some sterling work.

6mm Napoleonic British #2 - miniaturebrushwork

The miniatures have come together very nicely indeed and you can really tell the different portions of the models, from their faces, through to their hats and weapons. You can really go to town on the idea of batch painting when it comes to 6mm and while that could come across as sloppy I think miniaturebrushwork has done great work here.

He has also done some very nice basing for these models too.

6mm Napoleonic British #3 miniaturebrushwork

I don't think he was particularly happy with it but I think it looks good. They basing material might be a little big perhaps for the models but I think it works as a great frame for the models as a whole and makes the regiments pop on the battlefield considering the contrast between their darker look and the lighter vegetation.

You can see more of his work on the forum link above.

Blood Red Skies Spitfire by shoop77

Next up we have a newbie on the forums, shoop77, who has regardless been posting up lots of interesting projects. However, since John is very much in a Blood Red Skies mood right now it made sense to look at his painting of this British Spitfire.

Blood Red Skies Spitfire #1 by shoop77

The finished work on this plane is amazing, with a special nod to the work on the camouflage and the way the whole model ties together very nicely. I have quite a soft spot for the RAF as my Grandfather used to work on Lancaster Bombers and Hurricanes during the war and so it's lovely to see people putting such care and attention into these fighting machines, piloted by daredevils and heroes.

You can see amazing work on the underside of the plane as well.

Blood Red Skies Spitfire #2 by shoop77

shoop77 has been working very hard on lots of other planes from this set and we can't wait to see what he does. Make sure to keep an eye on his progress and we'll no doubt be back talking about his work in the future.

Burrows & Badgers by dunham99

Last but not least we have a game and model range very dear to my heart. Here we have dunham99 painting up some amazing miniatures from Burrows & Badgers. I think you'll agree, beyond this just being 'my favourite thing' these are some stunning paint jobs.

Burrows & Badgers #1 by dunham99

The models have been painted to represent the 'Swiss Guard' of the Burrows & Badgers world and so their theme is tied together through their clothing as you'll see here. Each of them looks wonderful and the clear block colours stand out so nicely against the well-worn armour they are clad in.

Burrows & Badgers #2 by dunham99

I love that even details as simple as the fur have been worked on to make it pop that little bit more. That's nothing however on the finer details of the faces on the models and the basing which compliments them very well indeed too. A superb little project and really works alongside the narrative element of Burrows & Badgers.

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