Mechanised Platoons Join The Fighting In Team Yankee

May 3, 2019 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures has added four new releases into the mix this week for Team Yankee starting with the T-62M Tank Company.

T-62M Tank Company - Team Yankee

This band of hardy tanks was upgraded and retrofitted with all sorts of advancements as it changed hands and saw different battlefields during the period. At the point we're seeing it now it was armed with a new machine gun to be used against helicopters (and anyone else who got in the way) and also a laser rangefinder.

Foot Sloggers

You can have all the armour in the world but it's the soldiers which secure objectives on the battlefield. That's where the likes of the Mech Company come in for the Iraqis in Team Yankee.

Mech Company - Team Yankee

Armed very much like their Soviet counterparts in Europe, these soldiers carried a range of heavy weapons to help deal with armoured targets as well as the battle-hardened AK-47. If you're going to be expanding this out even further there is also a Mech Platoon Set and Mech Weapons Platoon Set which can be snagged, building up the amount of firepower your soldiers can bring to bear.

Have you been tempted by Team Yankee and Oil War?

"Have you been tempted by Team Yankee and Oil War?"

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