Miniature Building Authority Clambering Into New Modern Trucks

January 4, 2019 by brennon

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Miniature Building Authority is keeping us in the mood to do some Modern Warfare wargaming with the release of a set of new Trucks and other Vehicles which could be used in your games.

Modern Trucks #1 - The Miniature Building Authority

Each of these different kits has been crafted out of resin and metal, with plenty of weapon options and more to help those looking to build up a selection of vehicles for your modern games.

I like the idea of having these vehicles not only be used as set dressing and terrain but also as part of scenarios, maybe in a motorcade which is moving through enemy territory.

Modern Trucks #2 - The Miniature Building Authority

As you can see, some of these trucks don't come unarmed or unarmored either. There are plenty of big guns mounted on these vehicles to try and deter those who are looking to get a hold of their equipment or stop troops arriving at their destination.

What do you make of these vehicles?

"What do you make of these vehicles?"

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